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It's here!!! An Aahz Party weekend and I have been wanting & needing this time to let loose and have unimaginable fun with hot and sexy partner. He and I have been looking forward to the weekend, knowing that Aahz has the most beautiful, young and sexy couples and single females to play with.

As we pack for the weekend we know to dress to impress and look forward to the themes that the parties are geared around, will make the most out of all the fun of first exploring our visual excitement. Each party themed to sexy dressing, beautiful costumes, all with the mindset of playing with our visual needs & desires.

Upon entering the venue, we get our room set and head up to unpack. He and I settled in for an amazingly intimate weekend with those we find will enhance our sexual desires and fantasies with each other. We both take the time to discuss what we would like to see happen with each other, making sure our boundaries are in order as well as our safe words. So excited to add to our sexual adventures we decide to hit the shower to clean off from the drive and have a bit of naughty foreplay cleaning each other.

Our first night in the hotel we are taking the time to relax, get some dinner and meet up with those also coming in. We enjoy the foreplay of flirtation with the other couples, getting to know those we've not met before and rekindling what we know we've had with others. Being selective is key, knowing who we both connect with is important to us. We don't want to just fuck, but to lay ground knowing those we invite into our fantasy has the same thoughts and desires as we do. Never any unnecessary pressures to go past what he and I have set for our relationship. I'm thinking tonight may just be a single girl night!

We find her, she's very pretty, with a nice body, cute ass, and bubbly personality. We find she loves both women and men which is perfect for us. We get acquainted having a couple of drinks (without getting overly wasted). Feeling things are moving along nicely and we are all connecting. She and I lean in for a soft & sensual kiss feeling the want and desire and the three of us decide to head up to our room.

As we enter the room, we each decide to take a quick shower to rinse off. Jenni & I shower together, taking turns soaping each other as well as kissing causing things to get pretty heated. Peter watching us is standing with a nice hard on, taking it all in. Jenni & I head to the bedroom to wait for Peter to rinse off and come join us. She and I are enjoying each other, kissing, fondling, being slow and methodical. Peter makes it into the room just as Jenni begins going down on me.. coming over to kiss me deeply and slowly. He moves down the bed to Jenni's beautiful pussy, licking it and tasting her... she and I both can't hold out any longer and climax together... but we're not done. Jenni and I get Peter laying down on the bed, she takes him in her mouth, licking and sucking his gorgeous cock as I go to him to kiss him and taste Jenni's juices off his lips and tongue... Peter jumps up, grabs me and flips me to missionary position, knowing this makes me cum & squirt uncontrollably. Jenni jumps on my face facing away from Peter, leaning over so he can bury his tongue into the pucker of her tight little ass.

As I climax and cum all over Peter's cock, Jenni comes again all over my tongue. Damn she's sweet! Peter then gets the condom and takes Jenni doggy-style as she pulls me to her to she can lick all my juices off my wet pussy. Jenni comes again from Peter pounding her tight little pussy... he takes the condom off, knowing he still needs more and puts me face down into the bed... my ass is in the air, his cock buried deep into me.. Jenni is rubbing my clit with one hand and putting a finger into my tight ass with the other hand... I can't hold back as Peter drives his cock feverishly hard into me getting hotter and harder watching Jenni playing with my ass. I cum screaming as Peter pulls out to spray my ass with his cum.

After cleaning up, we collapse together touching each other lightly, feeling breathless and spent. We've made a new friend and a new fantasy lover. And to think we still have Saturday at the pool, Saturday Night at the themed event, and any naughty fantasy we decide to explore thereafter!

Hope you liked our night,