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Why should you go to a and Aahz Party

Why should you go to a and Aahz Party?


Let us give you the top 10 reasons.

And you are welcome to share your own reasons with others, Also please feel free to tell us your reason why you like going to the Aahz Parties

Enjoy... both reading and going to and Aahz Party.


1.            Where else could wearing as little as possible and be wearing the best outfit at the Party or nothing at all!

2.            The Aahz Parties are the only place where you are encouraged to mix and mingle dance and hopefully have sex with complete strangers.

3.            At an Aahz Party you can entertain & be entertained at the same time!

4.            At an Aahz Party dancing erotically with others is encouraged!

5.            At an Aahz Party you can be a naughty schoolgirl, sexy cop & dominatrix and more!

6.            At an Aahz Party Sharing is Caring!

7.            At an Aahz Party you can kiss your wife and her friends and not get slapped!

8.            At an Aahz Party nobody needs to know your name and thats a cool thing!

9.            At an Aahz Party a Unicorn is not just a mythical creature!

10.         At an Aahz Party the flirty you are the more likely you will get lucky!


Are you part of the Aahz Party group?

This only you can know..

1. Are you in the lifestyle. Meaning a swinger. Then you’re in that group.

2. Do you like to dress sexy and show it off in front of strangers? Then you are in that group.

3. If you have been to and Aahz Party? You re definitely in that group.


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Once you are on the site and we will give you more time


Remember, What happens at the Aahz Party stays at the Aahz Party!


Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at and Aahz Party.